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Cleveland Live 1/11/99 AP ".Hustler magazine publisher Larry Flynt, who has been waiting more than 20 years to face Ohio prosecutors again in court, asked Monday to delay his second obscenity trial. Flynt filed a motion to put off the Jan. 19 trial because his physician has recommended that he undergo unspecified surgery, prosecutors said..Flynt, 55, and his brother, Jimmy, 49, were indicted April 7 on charges of pandering obscenity, disseminating material harmful to a juvenile, conspiracy and engaging in a pattern of corrupt activity. If convicted on all charges, each could face 24 years in prison and $65,000 in fines. The charges stem from the sale of sexually explicit videotapes at the downtown Hustler Magazine & Gifts store that Jimmy Flynt manages..."

12/25/98 Tom Flocco " Larry and Jimmy Flynt were indicted in April, 1998 on 15 counts of obscenity violations, including the pandering of the video, "Pam and Tommy Lee--Hard-core and Uncensored" to a 14 year old boy at their downtown Cincinnati store and the interstate transportation of obscenity via a common carrier (Federal Express), according to a November Washington Times piece. The United States Criminal Code forbids obscenity to be mailed, transported or sold. Coincidently, the Flynt brothers porn trial and the Clinton Senate trial BOTH begin in January, 1999.."

Email 3/22/99 Freeper SVTCobra "Remember the Larry Flynt press conference that included revelations about Republican's? Well Flynt admitted that he had a close friend in the Clinton Administration. She was Debra Shearer. Matt Drudge asked that question . "

Newsmax 2/10/99 ".... Carr then confronted Williams with examples of other stories his network had deemed germane, like a false TODAY Show report based on rumors that Chicago's Cardinal Bernadin had molested a boy. The anchorman explained that NBC didn't want to make a similar mistake with Broaddrick's allegation against Clinton. NBC's must have discovered it's journalistic conscience very recently, since just weeks ago Williams' CNBC colleague Geraldo Rivero let investigative pornographer Larry Flynt debut his dirt on Rep. Bob Barr to a national television audience.."

1/12/99 Larry Klayman Press Release "Flanked by Alan Dershowitz and Reverend Jerry Falwell, Rivera disingenuously allowed Larry Flynt, a close friend of James Carville -- head of the White House smear machine -- to slander Representative Bob Barr. .. Interestingly, following the display yesterday evening on "Rivera," Lanny Davis, the former Special White House Counsel who continues to participate in the Clinton smear machine, also appeared, and disingenuously claimed not to approve of Flynt's tactics.."

City Times 1/13/99 Editorial "."a pornographic magazine" --Geraldo Rivera "the nation's number one pornographer" --Arthur Schlesinger, Jr. "sexually explicit," "offensive," "obscene" --Rep. John Conyers .Is this the evidence we've all been waiting for, of Clinton defenders distancing themselves from "the politics of personal destruction" by attacking Hustler magazine founder Larry Flynt? Alas, this is not to be. In fact none of the aforementioned quotations are directed at Mr. Flynt or Hustler. To the contrary, they are, respectively, Geraldo Rivera on the American Spectator, historian Arthur Schlesinger Jr. on Judge Kenneth Starr and Rep. John Conyers, the House Judiciary Committee's ranking Democrat, on the Starr Report. In post-Monica America, a judge who happens to sing hymns is thought indecent while a skin peddler finds himself feted on network television over morning coffee and cable TV in the evening."

WBAL 1/13/99 Ron Smith ".There is something so beneath contempt, so despicable, about Bill Clinton and his defenders that it boggles the mind. That the people who sanctimoniously deplore "the politics of personal destruction" can themselves revel in such politics would be astounding had we not learned by now that they'll stop at nothing to preserve the Clinton reign. That the Democrat news media will countenance pornographer Larry Flynt's purchase of revelations about sexual wrongdoing by the president's political opponents likewise doesn't really surprise, though it does sicken. .."

Zola Times 2/22/99 Wesley Phelan "...In 1996, shortly after the publication of Unlimited Access, Gary Aldrich appeared on "This Week" with David Brinkley. The panelists derided Aldrich's claims that security had broken down in the Clinton White House. After the show, ABC and other networks canceled their remaining interviews with Aldrich. Elizabeth Vargas rounded out the media attack, stating on "Good Morning America" that Aldrich was under fire for "what appears to be sloppy reporting." [1] George Stephanopoulos, a senior adviser to the President, had attempted before the program to convince ABC to cancel its invitation to Aldrich. He accused Aldrich of being a "tool" in a right-wing plot "to destroy" the President. He said that Bob Dole, Clinton's opponent in the 1996 presidential election, had "a responsibility to repudiate him or he is complicit in this campaign of character assassination". Aldrich's claims, according to Stephanopoulos, were "vicious", "totally preposterous", "absurd" and "outrageous". [2] Now, two-and-a-half years later, any reasonably informed person knows who is guilty of "sloppy reporting" and who is "vicious", "totally preposterous", "absurd", and "outrageous". On January 12 of this year Ms. Vargas interviewed Larry Flynt on "Good Morning America." She allowed him to air charges against Congressman Bob Barr, pausing only momentarily to note that it "might be a stretch" to imagine that Flynt was a White House tool..."

Detroit News 12/30/98 Editorial ".When feminists find themselves on the same side of an issue as pornographer Larry Flynt, it ought to cause them to do some soul-searching. Yet the comments of prominent feminist leaders about L'affaire Lewinsky remain utterly devoid of intellectual integrity. They seem more interested in keeping in office someone promising to promote their special interests - such as hiring quotas and government child care - than in their self-avowed principles. ."

Wall Street Journal 12/22/98 James Taranto ".Even in his darkest hour, Bill Clinton's amazing political skills were on display. Who but our impeached president could have brought together feminists and Larry Flynt, especially on an issue involving sex? Last Thursday Mr. Flynt, the publisher of Hustler magazine, joined Mr. Clinton's cause by "outing" would-be Speaker Bob Livingston's sexual transgressions and threatening other Republicans with the same treatment. Two days earlier, a gaggle of prominent feminists, including Betty Friedan and Eleanor Smeal, had descended on the Capitol, where they declared their fidelity to the hustler in the White House. Strange bedfellows indeed..."

Reuters 12/22/98 ".President Clinton says he is reconciled to his impeachment, is confident that history will vindicate him and has purged himself of the anger he felt toward his attackers, The Los Angeles Times reported Tuesday.The Times reported Clinton in a jovial mood at the party for friends, and even laughing at the idea that Hustler sex magazine publisher Larry Flynt had become the latest influence on the Washington political debate. Flynt has vowed to expose the private lives of several politicians...."

LA Times 12/22/98 Elizabeth Shogren ".Clinton regaled his listeners with a description of a letter that Flynt wrote to independent counsel Kenneth W. Starr--whose investigation of Clinton's affair with Lewinsky led to his impeachment-- congratulating Starr for aiding the cause of pornography.."

Washington Times Bill Sammon 12/22/98 ".President Clinton, who on Saturday called for an end to "the politics of personal destruction," will not ask friend James Carville or pornographer Larry Flynt to end their efforts to punish Republicans for impeaching the president. White House Press Secretary Joe Lockhart yesterday said Mr. Clinton would not ask Mr. Flynt, publisher of Hustler magazine, to stop investigating the sex lives of Republicans because the White House doesn't "have any control over what a newsmagazine publisher does." .. On Sunday, former Clinton adviser David Gergen said the White House should ask Mr. Flynt to "cease and desist" and call off other "overly aggressive allies." He added: "The White House can't have it both ways. They can't conduct a high-toned, presidential set of statements and at the same time have this lower-level gutting of the opposition.".."

New York Daily News 12/22/98 Jim Pinkerton ".NOW HERE'S a Clintonian slip for you. Yesterday, during his briefing for reporters, White House press secretary Joe Lockhart was asked about the anti-impeachment efforts of Hustler magazine publisher Larry Flynt. It was Oct. 4 that Flynt effectively joined the Clinton camp, taking a full-page ad in The Washington Post and offering a $1 million reward for information about members of Congress, preferably Republicans, who threatened the president and who had caused pain in their own marriages. In his best "Mission: Impossible" monotone, Lockhart disavowed any knowledge of Flynt's actions: "I don't think that we have any control over what a news magazine publisher does." A news magazine? The outraged voices of reporters chorused to challenge Lockhart's use of "news" in front of "magazine." While many Beltway reporters feel, er, stained for having covered theMonica Lewinsky story, they still maintain that they're working for publications a few notches higher than the smutty Hustler. Lockhart graciously downgraded Flynt to mere "magazine publisher" and the Q-and-A session moved on.."

NY Post 12/23/98 Marilyn Rauber ".A partying President Clinton said it feels "not bad" to be the first commander-in-chief impeached in 130 years and predicts history will vindicate him in a decade or two, a new report says. A day after he was impeached by the House, a cheery Clinton - entertaining pals at a Sunday night holiday party at the White House - laughed about porno publisher Larry Flynt's new clout and said quitting never "crossed my mind," the Los Angeles Times reported yesterday. "

Freeper Committed on FoxNews 12/23/98 ".Fox News is reporting that no one has rallied around any of the censure ideas being floated yet. Now they quote Christine Heffner of Playboy on political ethics and ask her to judge Larry Flynt. What a high standard we have reached . . . . Fox also reports that despite the polls showing support, the polls must be looked at in depth. There are underlying facts shown in the polls that do not bode well for the president. The implication is that while they like the job he is doing, they will not be in the slightest upset if he is fired by the Senate. Relying entirely on popularity polls has brought the president to the abyss.."

Washington Post 12/23/98 Michael Kelly ".So, there was the first impeached elected president in the history of the United States, standing on the South Lawn. There, with the stain of disgrace still fresh as paint upon him. There, facing a nation he had betrayed and harmed. And the man seemed to believe he was speaking from the moral high ground.. he piously intoned: "We must stop the politics of personal destruction. We must get rid of the poisonous venom of excessive partisanship, obsessive animosity and uncontrolled anger." I am sure, was the president sniping at Salon magazine editor David Talbot, who brutally outed House Judiciary Committee Chairman Henry Hyde..And, rest assured, the president meant no censure of Talbot's media soul mate, the pornographer Larry Flynt, who orchestrated the impeachment-eve expose of Republican Speaker-designate Bob Livingston..I trust that it goes without saying that the president was not referring at all to the media outreach efforts of White House special assistant Sidney Blumenthal..And the president meant no insult to Betsey Wright and private investigator Jack Palladino, who ran his 1992 campaign operation to squelch "bimbo eruptions," nor to private investigator Terry Lenzner, who has helped the president's defense team. . .."

American Spectator 12/26/98 R Emmett Tyrrell ".Our president has picked up the support of yet another distinguished American. He is Larry Flynt, the publisher of Hustler magazine, the magazine for men who wear diapers--more on that another time. Flynt says he loves this president and will protect him from Republican hypocrisy. Incidentally, do not be put off by Flynt's apparent coarseness: the diction of a mental defective, the thoughts of a hopeless slob. He is a Clintonian sophisticate to the utmost, reminiscent of the Clintons' partners at Madison Guaranty Savings and Loan, and, for that matter, of various members of the Clinton family..."

The Oklahoman 12/28/98 Joseph Sobran ". When a man is defended by James Carville, Geraldo Rivera, Alan Dershowitz and Larry Flynt, it seems almost superfluous to convict him. The very fact that he attracts partisans of this caliber is itself a kind of verdict... ."

The Orlando Sentinel 12/29/98 Charley Reese ".Well, Willie Clinton has been impeached, and the sky didn't fall. Nor will it fall when the Senate takes up impeachment. It will not fall if they boot him out of office, which, at the present moment, I doubt they will do. These days one has to become an expert in the varieties of heifer dust. The Democrats, members of the party of slime, gave up addressing the issues. Following the orders of the sociopath-in-chief, they just attacked Republicans. The lame arguments they put forth are interesting for their lack of logic and seamy sophistry.. Clinton at least can be proud of his defenders -- Larry Flynt, the pornographer; assorted actors, one of whom, Alec Baldwin, has called for the killing of Rep. Henry Hyde and his family (let's see if the Justice Department prosecutes Baldwin for threatening a federal official); the hypocritical feminists; the gay lobby; and the shameless Democrats..."

Mark Levin News Release email 1/14/99 ".Landmark Legal Foundation today formally asked the Criminal Division of the Justice Department, the Public Integrity Section of the Criminal Division, and the United States Attorney for the District Columbia, to open immediately a federal criminal investigation into possible violations of Title 18, Section 1505 of the United States Criminal Code. 18 U.S.C. Sec. 1505 states, in part: Whoever corruptly, or by threats or force, or by any threatening letter or communication influences, obstructs, or impedes or endeavors to influence, obstruct, or impede the due and proper exercise of the power of inquiry under which any inquiry or investigation is being had by either House, or any committee of either House or any joint committee of the Congress - shall [be fined not more than $250,000 and/or imprisoned not more than five years per violation]. Landmark president, Mark R. Levin, said, "We believe Larry Flynt and his private detective, Dan Moldea, are, and have been, attempting to corruptly influence the congressional impeachment process. They are apparently attempting to stop Republican members of Congress from criticizing during the impeachment- trial proceedings by threatening to disclose embarrassing personal information purchased by Flynt. This appears to violated federal law. The Criminal Division of the Justice Department has the duty, and the jurisdiction, to put an end to these coercive tactics." .."

Wall Street Journal 1/18/99 "."Don't tamper with this jury," Senator Robert Byrd warned the President from the Senate floor back in October. Now, as the Senate convenes as a jury, scatology king Larry Flynt has launched a blackmail campaign designed to intimidate them into giving the President a pass. Senator Byrd's warning was directed at the White House attempt to get 34 Democratic senators to sign a pledge that they would never remove the president from office even if he were impeached. But it came just three days after Mr. Flynt took out an ad in the Washington Post offering up to $1 million for information about any illicit sexual affairs by Congressmen, that is to say, either Representatives or Senators. But of course the scalps on display all happen to be foes of the President, such as Bob Livingston and Bob Barr. Who can doubt that Senators, if they vote the wrong way, will be next? ."

Roll Call 2/8/99 Morton Kondracke "...Despite his supposed declaration of repentance, Clinton has done nothing to stop his old aide, James Carville, from waging political "war" on his critics, or Carville's friend, Hustler publisher Larry Flynt, from trying to destroy top Republicans. ."

Washington Weekly 6/28/99 Marvin Lee "...Congressman Bob Barr (R-GA) on Friday filed suit in federal district court in Washington, DC against the Clinton White House for illegally requesting from the FBI and illegally transferring to publisher Larry Flynt, spinmeister James Carville, and reporter Dan Moldea, his FBI file. Flynt, Carville, and Moldea subsequently used information, which Barr contends must have been obtained from his FBI file, in an attempt to discredit him in his capacity as a critic of the White House. Also named in the lawsuit is the Clinton Justice Department for acceding to the illegal White House request for Barr's confidential FBI file. Barr contends that both the White House and the Justice Department violated the Privacy Act and asks for compensatory and punitive damages as well as attorney's fees. Barr is represented by Judicial Watch, which is already litigating a "Filegate" lawsuit on behalf of others whose FBI files were misused by the White House....."

Washington Times 12/24/98 Joyce Howard Price and Bill Sammon ". "The left routinely accuses religious conservatives of sexual McCarthyism, but it's the left that is outing gays and exposing the private lives of others. It's not Gary Bauer. It's not the Christian Coalition. It's not the Weekly Standard," said William Kristol, editor of the conservative Weekly Standard. "The politics of personal destruction is the politics of Bill Clinton," he said. Salon, the liberal on-line magazine, and Larry Flynt's Hustler magazine have been responsible for most of the recent character assassinations. Victims have included three top House Republicans -- former Speaker-elect Robert L. Livingston of Louisiana; Rep. Henry J. Hyde of Illinois, chairman of the Judiciary Committee; and Rep. Dan Burton of Indiana, chairman of the Government Reform and Oversight Committee. Some Republicans have charged that the White House fed Salon and Hustler the information"

Washington Post 1/13/99 Michael Kelly page A23 ".So, it was necessary to build an argument that could support the president when this first lie collapsed. A cornerstone of this argument was the assertion that Kenneth Starr's case against Clinton did not concern an offense against the people but was only about a personal failing. It was not about crime; it was about sex, and only sex. This lie was perpetuated most energetically, not to say hysterically, by one James Carville, a character actor who among his credits counted a recent appearance in a film extolling the constitutional virtues of pornographer Larry Flynt. ."

Federalist Digest 2/19/99 Editors ".For seven months, Mr. Clinton's operatives and his media apostles have characterized his impeachment as a ''partisan Republican'' effort. And they have employed the likes of pornographer Larry Flynt to make hay of Mr. Livingston's short-lived Speakership as a fine example of Republican hypocrisy. But who are the real ''partisans and hypocrites''? .."

Washington Times/Inside politics 12/21/98 Lance Romance ".Although Larry Flynt denies getting his "marching orders" from the White House, the pornographer admits that his investigators digging up dirt on congressional Republicans are "friends with people inside the White House" and it's possible some sexual allegations originated there. Mr. Flynt says his investigators work for a D.C. firm made up of former FBI and CIA agents, Hotline reports. He would not comment on whether that firm is Terry Lenzner's Investigative Group Inc., which reportedly has been retained by law firms defending the president. Meanwhile, immediately after word began circulating on Capitol Hill Thursday night that Louisiana Rep. Robert L. Livingston was ready to admit to GOP colleagues that he had been involved in more than one sexual affair over the years, ABC News correspondent Cokie Roberts reported that the White House had told her similar stories about Mr. Livingston's sexual history.."

Michael Reagan Show by Freeper Ambrose 12/22/98 ".Larry Flynt's daughter: My father doesn't have anything. Whatever "info" he has was given to him by the White House She also said her father molested her, is a liar, doesn't care about the 1st Amendment, and hasn't paid anyone anything. Very interesting interview, to say the least..."

The Boston Globe 12/24/98 John Ellis ". Four months ago, Salon magazine reported that''diehard Clinton loyalists'' were spreading the word that ''a long-ignored but fearsome tactic has now resurfaced as an element in the president's survival strategy: The threat of exposing the sexual improprieties of Republican critics both in Congress and beyond. ''We're talking about the Doomsday Machine here,'' a close Clinton ally told the on- line publication. ''Once the Doomsday Machine is set in motion, there will be no stopping it. The Republicans with skeletons in their closets must assume everything is known and will come out. So the question is: Do they really want to go there?'' As it happened, they really did want to go there. And in the end, they built a strong enough case to compel a majority of the House of Representatives to impeach President Clinton on one count of perjury and one count of obstruction of justice. They were not deterred by blackmail. But the Doomsday Machine - or something like it - did its damage. The fact that Representative Dan Burton had fathered a son out of wedlock was exposed and duly reported in the press. Representative Helen Chenoweth's affair with a married man was exposed and duly reported in the press. House Judiciary Committee chairman Henry Hyde's extramarital affair of 30 years ago was exposed and duly reported in Salon, which justified publication by saying ''ugly times require ugly tactics.'' This past weekend, House Speaker-designate Robert Livingston's extramarital affairs cost him his job and his political career. Livingston delivered the news himself, in advance of what he knew would be certain publication on Hustler magazine's Web site. ''Desperate times,'' said Hustler publisher Larry Flynt, ''deserve desperate actions.''.."

Roll Call 1/16/99 Mort Kondracke ".Just what is the state of the Union? Economically, it's strong. Socially, it's improving. But culturally? If Larry Flynt is a force in politics and the President is popular while on trial for perjury, the country is in some kind of trouble...."

Salon 8/12/00 Jake Tapper " "They're not really gonna do that," Playboy founder Hugh Hefner said on Wednesday, reacting to the news. "They're not really gonna strip her of her credentials," Hef said, according to his vice president of public relations Cindy Rakowitz. But indeed they have. Rakowitz said in an interview that her boss "just couldn't believe it." .. .. Reached Friday afternoon in his Beverly Hills office, Hustler magazine publisher Larry Flynt said, "This whole episode reinforces my opinion that sex is more political than anything else." "

New York Observer 8/24/00 Andrew Goldman ". It was Aug. 17, 8:20 p.m. Al Gore had just finished his acceptance speech at the Democratic National Convention just a few miles away in downtown Los Angeles. Mr. Flynt had seen the speech. "It was better than I thought it would be," he said. "I thought that Gore would come out there screamin' and yellin' and hyperventilating, you know." Mr. Flynt spoke slowly and quietly and sounded a bit like Fozzie Bear with a tranquilizer dart in his ass. . "It was sincere and the message was driven," said Mr. Flynt's wife, the former Liz Berrios, who was at the table along with Mr. Flynt's 52-year-old younger brother, Jimmy; a grizzly-like 53-year-old man named Dennis Hof, in a double-breasted black jacket; and Mr. Hof's toothpick of a 21-year-old girlfriend, Tara Farr. "I was glad to see him recognize Clinton, you know," said Larry Flynt. .. . Mr. Flynt said this in a way that conveyed he did not take the word "partner" lightly; possibly because he had been Mr. Clinton's partner, too. Not for eight years and not in any official sense, but certainly during the days when the name Monica Lewinsky flushed the cheeks of any Democratic operative on the Eastern seaboard, Mr. Flynt had been there for Mr. Clinton. Though the New York and Washington elite who had put Mr. Clinton in the White House would scoff at this notion, less powerful people-certainly everyone at this table-held one truth as self-evident: that by outing Georgia Republican Bob Barr and Louisiana Congressman Bob Livingston for their less- than-exemplary extramarital behavior, Larry Flynt had single-handedly saved Mr. Clinton's ass. ......And here at the Royal Court, among his friends, among his family, Mr. Flynt hinted that just as Mr. Gore had recognized his partner, Mr. Clinton had done the same. ......"The President sent word to me, you know-ahh, he was thankful for my effort, and maybe after he left office we could break bread or something," Mr. Flynt told The Transom. "A lot of people say that he should be thanking me now in person. I say, look, the last thing Bill Clinton needs now is to be associated with me in any manner whatsoever." "

Washington Times 9/19/00 Jennifer Harper "...... They say their support is fervent - but unwanted. Nevertheless, several thousand members of the Internet adult entertainment industry are expected to endorse Al Gore for president during "IA2000," an upcoming trade show in New Orleans. The ranks of the 4,000 attendees include publishers, technical service providers, performers and other on-line purveyors of X-rated content.........Mr. Cambria, who has represented Hustler magazine publisher Larry Flynt and musician Marilyn Manson in the past, also hopes to raise political awareness......... "The ticket means more than just Gore and Lieberman. There are judges, prosecutors - we have to think of that too," he said. "But in the long run, the Democrats may just prove to be the lesser of two evils."........ ......"

Judicial Watch 12/22/98 Judicial Watch Press Release "..Judicial Watch today demanded that the President Bill Clinton call off his dogs. Responding to a Tuesday Los Angeles Times report that Clinton "regaled" a group at the White House with the details of a letter from pornographer Larry Flynt to Independent Counsel Kenneth Starr, Judicial Watch Chairman and General Counsel Larry Klayman noted that "this is further powerful circumstantial evidence that Flynt is in league with President Clinton." Other media outlets have reported that Flynt, in his effort to destroy Republicans such as Congressman Bob Livingston, is using a private investigative firm in Washington, DC composed of former CIA and FBI agents. "This almost certainly is the President's private investigative firm IGI, run by Terry Lenzner with the aid of Larry Potts, who left the FBI under a cloud," noted Klayman.."

Judicial Watch 6/1/99 "... Given Carville's smear operation during the Lewinsky scandal, his contact with the White House over the Lewinsky scandal, his complicity with the President in releasing the Willey letters in violation of the Privacy Act, and statements by the daughter of Larry Flynt that her father may have had access to FBI files through Carville, the prior contact with Livingstone is significant. Incredibly, at the Palm, Livingstone told Carville, "'re really doing a good job out there."...."

MSNBC 10/14/99 Jeanette Walls "..... Flynt apparently wants to wait until closer to the election to release any alleged dirt he's collected because he doesn't want to give the Republicans time to regroup. In the same speech, Flynt also claimed that Clinton was so happy with his anti-GOP tactics that he conveyed his thanks through an intermediary - someone Flynt referred to obliquely as "my very dear friend in the White House." Flynt declined to name the White House insider, but said, "All I can say is that he is very wired in. And it's not Clinton, although the president is a man after my own heart. He knows what that desk in the Oval office is for."...."

Insight Magazine 6/19/00 J Michael Waller " Intelligence and security experts are outraged at the Clinton administration's probable use of blackmail and susceptibility to it as the Congress fails to investigate. After the 1994 elections, when the Republicans took control of the House of Representatives, the Clinton administration ran an alleged dirt-digging operation out of the Office of the White House Chief of Staff, says Gary Aldrich, a former senior FBI special agent on White House duty at the time. "They hired upwards of 36 lawyers to staff the operation to handle 40 different cases," Aldrich tells Insight. "Once it became known that they had such an operation, then the blackmail itself took place." It all came in handy when the House impeached President Clinton. "People like [James] Carville and [George] Stephanopoulos said in the media that there would be a 'scorched-earth policy' and that everyone who had skeletons in their closet would be exposed if they didn't back off the impeachment policy," Aldrich says. These threats allegedly were carried out during the 1998 impeachment trial of Clinton, when White House operatives and allies such as pornographer Larry Flynt not only dug up dirt on their Republican opponents but openly threatened them with releasing it if they persisted. ."

12/19/98 Freeper report MSNBC ".John Gibson just read a piece from that said Larry Flynt has refused to comment on whether "his investigators" include members if IGI."

The Washington Times 1/13/99 Bill Sammon ".The investigator who dug up dirt on Republican Reps. Bob Barr and Robert L. Livingston for pornographer Larry Flynt is a Clinton sympathizer who has supplied the president's attorneys with evidence against independent counsel Kenneth W. Starr. Dan Moldea said that while he is no longer in contact with Williams & Connolly, the law firm defending President Clinton against impeachment charges, his "outing" of GOP adulterers is designed to help the president. He made it clear he has uncovered salacious material on more Republicans whose identities will remain secret as long as they refrain from speaking out against Mr. Clinton. ."

National Post 1/13/99 David Frum ".The connection between Mr. Flynt and the Clinton White House is a surprisingly strong and tangled one. Mr. Flynt is of course a pornographer of the most debased and misogynistic variety. He is a man who has been accused by his own daughter of molesting her as a child. And yet, instead of being treated as a pariah, Mr. Flynt has a curiously close relationship to the Clinton White House. He is a friend of James Carville, Mr. Clinton's most outspoken defender. Even more curious, Mr. Flynt acknowledged at his press conference a long acquaintance with Strobe Talbott, an Oxford chum of Mr. Clinton's who now holds the No. 2 job at the State Department. Just to round out the chain of connection, it's worth noting that Mr. Talbott's wife, Brooke Shearer, is an important employee of the private investigative firm that former Clinton campaign manager Dick Morris calls "Clinton's secret police." (It was this firm that was caught, for example, digging into the personal life of Republican Sen. Don Nickles, back when that conservative Oklahoman was a leading candidate to replace Bob Dole as Senate majority leader.) .."

New York Post 1/22/99 Sam Dealey ".WHEN Larry Flynt went public with the ''hypocrisy'' of Rep. Bob Barr, exposing him as a past adulterer and one of the ''biggest horn dogs in Congress,'' the Georgia Republican seemed certain the White House was in part behind the matter. ''I don't think that one can look at this situation with the close ties ... between the private investigators, the White House, between Sidney Blumenthal and these folks on the outside and come away with any other reasonable conclusion other than the fact that this is part of an overall scheme,'' Barr said. ..But asked if he [Flynt] knew Deputy Secretary of State Strobe Talbott, Flynt said, ''I haven't seen Strobe Talbott in years. ... But he is married to a sister of a very good friend of mine.'' Surprisingly, that red flag went unnoticed. So who is Talbott's brother-in-law? His name is Cody Shearer, and a review of his White House connections reveals the possible workings of a new plumber operation. A self-styled ''free-lance journalist'' (although he hasn't published in nearly a decade), Shearer is a former business associate of Terry Lenzner's Investigative Group International - the premier opposition-research firm that Dick Morris calls ''the White House secret police.''."

Dick Reavis 1/23/00 ".. In 1979, John DeLorean, designer of the Pontiac GTO, began producing an expensive sports car in Northern Ireland. In 1982, the British government shut the plant, and soon thereafter, DeLorean was arrested in the United States on a federal cocaine-dealing charge. DeLorean hired [Gordon] Novel as an aide in his defense effort, and when the case went to trial in 1984, the automaker was acquitted, thanks in part to an audiotape that Novel unearthed, revealing DeLorean was the victim of a sting. Hustler magazine publisher Larry Flynt, whose quixotic 1984 presidential campaign Novel also was promoting at the time, made the tape public, only to be jailed for contempt of court when he refused to reveal its origins. "He went to jail rather than naming me," Novel said. ......"

Tonya Flynt's Statement from Jan 7. 1997 NOW - NYC Press Conference

Warning: The following statement is quite graphic.

My name is Tonya Flynt. I am here to tell you that the portrayal of my father, Larry Flynt, in Oliver Stone and Milos Forman's movie is a pack of lies. My father, the founder and publisher of Hustler Magazine, is not a hero who has sacrificed everything to fight censorship and protect freedom of speech. He doesn't give a damn about freedom of speech. All he cares about is making millions of dollars out of the sexual exploitation of women and children.
My father used his power against me in another way too. He sexually abused me. On one occasion, my Dad was angry because I wouldn't stop crying. He came in, out of control with rage, and beat me over and over again with a belt. That night he came into my room and sexually molested me. He penetrated me with his fingers. He made me tough [touch] his penis. He had oral sex with me and made me have oral sex with him. I hadn't celebrated my thirteenth birthday when he did this to me. On many occasions, he would touch my breasts or grab me between the legs. One time he came into my bedroom, took my panties off, and fondled me.
My father wasn't content just to molest me. I have been told by a close relative that he makes trips to Bangkok and buys little girls there. I was also told he brought back videotapes of child pornography from Bangkok. It causes me so much pain to realize that what he was doing to me he does to little girls pushed into prostitution by poverty.

Here is the original transcript that was published by CNN:

[ROBERT] NOVAK: Mr. Flynt, never let it be said that we censor any of our guests here on CROSSFIRE, and you said you wanted to talk about the election. Tell me what you wanted to say.

FLYNT: Well, during the impeachment debacle, we did an investigation which resulted in the resignation of Bob Livingston and others and we have continued this investigation and for eight months we've been looking into George W. Bush's background. And we've found out in the early 1970s he was involved in an abortion in Texas, and I just think that it's sad that the mainstream media, who's aware of this story, won't ask him that question when they were able to ask him the drug question without any proof at all, and we've got all kinds of proof on this issue.

NOVAK: Well, you're...

FLYNT: You know, the guy admitted he was a drunk for 20 years, and if the abortion issue is true then that puts him lower on the morality scale than Bill Clinton.

NOVAK: Mr. Flynt, you said if it's true and you have no proof of that. I gather you are a very strong...

FLYNT: The hell we don't have proof.

NOVAK: Sir, I gather you're a very strong Gore supporter. Is that correct?

FLYNT: I'll vote for the lesser of the two evils. I don't like either one of them.

[BILL] PRESS: All Right, Larry Flynt, a man who speaks his word, but we remind you they are Larry Flynt's words and not ours. Larry Flynt, thank you very, very much for joining us.

This was followed by an online chat, in which Flynt went into greater detail:

CNN - Mr. Flynt, I would like to know how you plan to protect yourself from a law suit by claiming to have the goods on GWBush.

Flynt: Because we have them and the truth is an absolute defense.

CNN; When and where are you going to publish information about George W. Bush?

Flynt: When I said that we had the proof, I am referring to knowing who the girl was, knowing who the doctor was that pereformed the abortion, evidence from girlfriends of hers at the time, who knew about the romance and the subsequent abortion. The young lady does not want to go public, and without her willingness, we don't feel that we're on solid enough legal ground to go with the story, because should she say it never happened, then we've got a potential libel suit. But we know we have enough evidence that we believe completely. One of the things that interested us was that this abortion took place before Roe Vs. Wade in 1970, which made it a crime at the time. I'd just like the national media to ask him if abortion is okay for him and his family, but not for the rest of America. We're not looking at it as a big issue, we're looking at it as a situation of people not being told the truth. I think the American people have a right to know everything there is to know about someone running for President.

Source: CNN

CNN's Response to Larry Flynt's Abortion Accusation

Before we go, this item from the world of media news. On CNN's "CROSSFIRE" last week, "Hustler" publisher Larry Flynt made an unsubstantiated 30-year-old charge about George W. Bush's personal life during a live show.

CNN later decided not to include his remarks in the transcript available on CNN's Web site. Some critics now are accusing CNN of censorship.

The network issued this statement: "As a respectable news organization, it is our responsibility of something is communicated to our audience that is unsubstantiated and potentially harmful to set the record straight. The network did this by questioning the allegations, reminding the viewers that the comments were those of Larry Flynt and not the network, and removing the remarks from archives."

Well, that's it for this edition of RELIABLE SOURCES. I'm Howard Kurtz.

Source: CNN




Friends and family of a woman at the center of Larry Flynts investigation into Republican presidential hopeful George W. Bush blasted the porn king for spreading abortion allegations and challenged Flynt to put up or shut up, the DRUDGE REPORT can reveal.

"Mr. Flynt better start naming names!" demanded a close friend of the Texas woman at the center of the storm.

"What is he afraid of? We all know this is a setup by desperate Gore supporters. Mr. Flynt will not go into specifics, because he cant! The story he is spreading around is pathetic. Put up or shut up, Mr. Flynt!"

The controversy surrounding Flynts allegation intensified late last week after the all-news network CNN aired the charge.

"We've found out in the early 1970s Bush was involved in an abortion in Texas," the HUSTLER publisher reported on CNN.

Flynt did not offer specifics.

"How could I have aborted George Bushs child? We never once had intercourse!" the woman explained to friends. "This is outrageous."

The womans husband, a government employee in law enforcement, has raised the possibility of legal action against anyone who links his wife to a 'Bush abortion'.

Investigators working for Flynt launched their investigation after the womans college roommate came forward and offered to sell information that dated back thirty years.

"She once overheard her roommate on the phone arranging for a doctor, but she never heard the voice on the other side of the phone," said a source.

Flynt and the roommate could not reach financial terms, one insider told the DRUDGE REPORT.

Flynt repeated his story on ABC radio in San Francisco on Wednesday night.

Appearing on Bernie Ward's KGO-AM 810 talk show, Flynt said the abortion took place in Houston in 1970 during the elder Bush's campaign for a seat in Washington. At that time, the younger Bush was working in the campaign.

Flynt claimed he had affidavits from four witnesses.

Once again, Flynt did not offer names.


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Reasons Why the Abortion Charge is False

1) To this very day Larry Flynt never provided one single affidavit or name that proves his claim has any truth.

2) Democrats are holding Flynt up, but the man as you can see is one of the sleaziest characters to walk the face of the earth and what he did to his own daughters speaks volumes about how disgusting he really is. He is not a credible source.

3) Explore how he would go about finding such information. How did he manage to send his minions to every hospital in Texas looking for one single doctor and then if this doctor was still there and actually remember something happening over 30 years ago. And to boot, getting this doctor if still employed and remembering the operation to admit performing an illegal operation.

Using some common sense and taking the whole thing in its entirety, Larry Flynt has no credibility and the sheer possibility of him satisfying the criteria would be just about impossible. Given the fact that even now Larry Flynt has never provided any proof or names, it is time to place this in its proper category as another desperate and fallacious lie about George W. Bush. What will founder Bob Fertik peddle next?

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